Resources for Ministry

We publish a range of Christian books, manuals and resources on topics including theology, Christian discipleship, Gift Discovery and Music Performance. Browse through our catalogue below and order online.

Maximising People for Ministry: A Gift Discovery Course

This course aims at helping Christian people to: discover their gifts and abilities; discover God’s destiny and purpose for their life; and identify current opportunities for them to use their gifts and abilities in their local church and community.

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Holiness Without the Law

This book begins with a provocation! It aims at engaging, rousing and perhaps inciting you to think about the real source of holiness in your life. It contrasts the nature of holiness that evolves from the keeping of external laws, as opposed to a holiness that derives from an intimate relationship with the Triune God.

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1970’s Theological Reflection on the Drug Culture


The Engaging Musician: A Manual for Performance

This book aims to assist those preparing for performance. In particular it aims to minimize the affect of performance anxiety and nervousness. It provides performers with practical tips and tools that help them reflect upon their own performance and to take steps to improve it.

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