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A.E. & L.A. Peters Outreach Enterprises sprang out of the ministry of Ps Andrew and
Lynette Peters. Its focus is the spiritual, ministry and leadership development of the body of Christ in the emerging paradigm of diversity.

The Emerging Paradigm

In 1994, God challenged Andrew and Lynette about the nature of change that had been going on in the world and the emergence of a new paradigm. They recognised the extensive nature of this movement which had left their contemporary church on the sidelines, watching the world go by. As they responded to this change, their extensive country parish, with six churches, saw the emergence of a new paradigm church that engaged laity in effective ministry and leadership.

In subsequent years, Andrew and Lynette have experienced the highs and deep lows of engaging and mobilising the church and its liaty in ministry, in both Anglican and large Pentecostal churches in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. This emerging paradigm of diversity provides an opportunity for the church to leave its internal enclave of personal spirituality and once again engage the world with the good news of Jesus Christ – to proclaim its truth in the public square and reap a harvest for our Lord and King.

Andrew and Lynette are currently Senior Pastors of St Jude the Apostle Anglican Church in Everton Park in Brisbane. With the St Jude’s leadership team, and the assistance of Bishop Jonathan Holland, they built a new contemporary church complex at Everton Park after transforming the foundational nature of the church itself. They turned around a church that was locked down in closed system dynamics – closed off from the world around it and devastated in its internal relationships – through to an open system church engaging its external community and balanced in its internal relationships. Read More:

Outreach Enterprises – Resources for Spiritual, Ministry and Leadership Growth

Outreach Enterprises publishes a range of books, articles and newsletters and provides individual and organisational consulting and training to pastors, churches, Christian organisations and other bodies.

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