Resources for Living

We publish a range of Christian books, manuals and resources on topics including theology, Christian discipleship, Gift Discovery and Music Performance. Browse through our catalogue below and order online.

To Know Him: A Christian Discipleship Book

This book is designed for new Christians, home groups and general discipleship. Topics include: The One and Only True Living God; The Word of God; Sin, Rebellion and Salvation; and Prayer and Christian Meditation.

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empowered-for-life-by-andrew-petersEmpowered for Life

Two aspects of the Christian life are essential for taking hold of what God has for us: the development of maturity and the overcoming of the toxic effects of corrosive emotional problems.

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Realising Hope

Discover how you can: overcome negative situations; develop perseverance, character and hope in your life; and transform difficult circumstances into opportunities for immense growth…

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40 Days of Life: Possession of Abundant Life, Joy and Peace

Do you sometimes wonder if there is more to life? These six studies by Andrew Peters will challenge you to take hold of abundant life, joy and peace. They are designed as Lenten studies but perfect for any time of the year and now you can download them online.

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Walking with Jesus

Whether it is about sharing Welsh Rarebit or getting your feet wet and waiting for petrol, the stories in Walking with Jesus engage us in a practical way about what it means to follow Jesus. Ps Andrew takes us on the journey of his own life and conversion and in doing so shares the principles and elements of living a life committed to Jesus and His purposes.

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Healing From God

This is a basic introduction to the healing ministry and its expression within the life of the Church. It looks at the various forms of healing, the barriers to healing, and its essence of God’s love for us in bringing healing and wholeness into our lives.

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