Resources for Leading

The Iona Chronicles is a journal that provides articles and teaching on a variety of Christian themes and topics. These are great for personal study as well as for use in homegroups and small groups. The Iona Chronicles have traditionally been a print journal but we are currently converting them all into “e-book” format which will be available for download from this site. See below for more details.

leadershipdynamicspartone-webimage5bLeadership Dynamics – Part One

Did you know that you’re a leader?

Whether you believe that or not, there are people in your life that will follow you, who will listen to what you say and who are influenced by the things that you do.

Find out how you can improve your ability to lead and increase your capacity to impact, influence and inspire those around you.

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Leadership Dynamics – Part Two


the-emerging-paradigm-of-diversity-by-andrew-petersThe Emerging Paradigm of Diversity

The latter half of the 20th Century saw a paradigm-change occur at foundational levels with global effect. In this ground-breaking research, Andrew Peters addresses a number of leadership problems, which have arisen out of this paradigm-change.

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