Holiness without the Law

by Andrew Peters M.A (Theol)

A Training the Nation Series Bookholiness2

Holiness without the Law begins with a provocation! It aims at engaging, rousing and perhaps inciting you to think about the real source of holiness in your life. It contrasts the nature of holiness that evolves from the keeping of external laws, as opposed to a holiness that derives from an intimate relationship with the Triune God. It provides a foundation upon which you can find a true basis for understanding yourself as a unique human person in God, with real value and meaning – value and meaning that comes from a true koinonia (fellowship or communion) with the Triune God.

Challenging, inspiring and sometimes difficult, Andrew Peters has taken complex material and presented in a form that will encourage you to transform your thinking about holiness, your relationship with God, and consequently your life!

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