Walking with Jesus

Full of stories from the last 30 years

For new and old Christians alikewalking1

Walking with Jesus takes you through the aspects of what it means to be a Christian and
how to walk the Christian life, with Jesus. Using stories from his own life and conversion, Andrew Peters takes us on a journey of what it means to follow Jesus. For new and old Christians alike this article will inspire and engage you both with the depth of what God can do in your life and with the principles and elements that form a foundation of living a life committed to Jesus and his purposes.

Stories include:

  • Sharing Welsh Rarebit – how we can only really help people when we have the Holy Spirit;
  • “Go back, there is more!” – how Jesus speaks into our life;
  • “Anyone who wants to talk to me has to eat pizza!” – how sharing enables God to work through you;
  • “I’m not supposed to do this, but I’m going up there” – the power and presence of God in Holy Communion;
  • The Bible and staying awake on long car trips – How God gave me both the Word that proceeded from His mouth and a toasted sandwich;
  • Getting your feet wet and waiting for petrol – God’s sense of humour and answer to prayer;
  • How to not hear what God is saying and get a free plane ride – why if God speaks four times he is probably talking to you;
  • The power of unity – How fixing other people actually means fixing yourself;
  • “Lord, maybe you’ve got the wrong amount” – How God is able to meet our needs when we give to others;
  • Getting paid $10 a week, God’s parties and not being home yet – when the appreciation will come;
  • “The best Porterhouse steak I’ve ever tasted” – how baking someone a cake can be the start of an amazing friendship . . .
  • . . . and many more.walkingwithjesuswebimage-sm

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