40 Days of Life: Possession of Abundant Life, Joy and Peace

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Do you sometimes wonder if there is more to life? Are you just getting by one day at a time? How would you like someone to show you how to grow through your troubles? If any of the above strikes a chord then these studies are for you! They are specifically designed to challenge you to take hold of abundant life, joy and peace-not by removing difficulties but by teaching you how to overcome and grow through them.

A Great Way to Kick-Start the Year

These studies were initially designed as Lenten studies to be used in the lead up to Easter. But I was looking at them the other day and thought they would be a fantastic way to kick-start the year. Why not commit the first 40 days of 2010 to deepening your relationship wtih God and “digging in” to the abundant life, joy and peace He has for us?

Ps Andrew’s studies encourage us to live in the life and power of Jesus resurrection and all that he has done for us. They encourage us to remember Jesus’ death on the cross along with its impact: our forgiveness of sin, release from guilt, peace with God, new start to life and access to God’s presence. But they also challenge us to take hold of the abundant life, joy and peace Jesus has for us.

Possessing Abundant Life, Joy and Peace

One of the wonderful things about Jesus is that he actually wants us to have and experience abundant life, joy and peace. He wants to bless us with these good things. However, there is a catch-these things are not automatic. In order to achieve them we have to grow and develop so that we can take hold of all that God has for us. Many times we find life hard or challenging. It can feel like there are more things for us to do or live through than we want to. We may even feel that we cannot handle all that life has thrown at us and we would love to escape into a perfect life-one filled with abundant life, joy and peace. That is, one that is trouble-free, where we don’t have to work too hard, where we have everything we need and can enjoy life. The problem with this concept of life, joy and peace, however, is that it is quite elusive. How many people do you know that have a life like that? That is certainly not my experience of life nor of those I see around me. I still seem to have difficulties, challenges and days when I wish I could retire to a sun-baked beach somewhere (and I’m not that old!).

The thing is, Jesus really does want us to have abundant life, joy and peace, but such life is not actually one that is trouble-free and easy. Nor is it one where everything goes our way. Rather, Jesus wants us to grow through the difficulties in our lives so that we can take hold of the joy and peace He has for us. Joy and peace, thus, are not things that come in a life absent of trouble but rather through the difficulties and challenges of life. Joy is something we develop on the really bad days, not just the good ones.

So, if possessing abundant life, joy and peace does not mean having a trouble-free life, how do we achieve these things?

Each of these six studies by Ps Andrew seeks to answer that question and provide us with simple, easy to apply (yet sometimes challenging) principles that will engage us with Jesus and the abundant life, joy and peace he wants us to have.

Grab these studies now, use them over the next six weeks and discover:

  • How to hold up the cross of Jesus in our lives (study two);
  • How to gain joy in times of difficulty (study six);
  • How to overcome fear and anxiety (study six);
  • The source of our righteousness, sanctification, redemption and wisdom (study three);
  • How to become promise-focused as opposed to condition-focused (study five);
  • Why praying only for our need is more selfish than praying for abundance (study five);
  • How God uses negative events to develop and grow us (study six);
  • How to be more effective and fruitful in your life and your work for the Kingdom (study four);
  • What it really means to be humble (study six);
  • How to take hold of eternal salvation and life in this world as well as in the next (study three);
  • How God wants you to have an abundance in your life (study one).

However, not only do these studies provide a challenging insight into how we take hold of abundant life, joy and peace each week, but there are also a series of short daily scripture readings that will focus you on the things God has in store for you.

So, for just $5.95 (AUD) you get all six studies on Abundant Life, Joy and Peace including thought-provoking discussion/reflection questions throughout that enable you to think through the themes of each study as well as daily readings for you to use in your quiet time for the full 40 days.

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