Leadership Dynamics Part One

The first edition of the Leadership Dynamics series is now available and will provide an overview of leadership, the difference between transactional and transformational leadership, an understanding of leadership effectiveness and how to deal with cynicism and pessimism. Order your copy of Part One to get Ps Andrew’s teaching on:

  • The nature of leadership and influence;
  • The requirements for both visionary and pragmatic leadership;
  • The need for leaders to create vision and develop culture;
  • How to connect vision with results;
  • How to approach organizational change and to engage both those who win and lose from the change;
  • The differences between transactional and transformational leadership;
  • The potential for transformational leadership to inspire and encourage followers to go far beyond expectations and give far more of their potential and resources;
  • Dealing with cynicism and pessimism in leadership;
  • Functioning in the space between complexity and change;
  • The differences between managerial leadership and transformational leadership;
  • Dealing with the tension between control and vision;
  • Breaking the anxiety virus in your business, church or organization;
  • Understanding the effects of leadership malnutrition – this may surprise you;
  • The need for us to bear fruit and be effective in our leadership;
  • Challenging parentalism in leader-follower relationships;
  • Going beyond successful leadership to developing effective leadership;
  • And much more…

Cost of E-Book: $10.00