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Leadership Dynamics Part One - Out Now!

Part One of our new series on Leadership Dynamics is now available. Find out how you can improve your ability to lead and increase your capacity to impact, influence and inspire those around you.

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How to Grow in Faith - Part Two:
Seed Faith

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In the previouse article on how to grow in faith we focused on the place of obedience to God and the inspiring power of the Word of God in stirring and increasing our faith. This week we focus on the nature of seed faith and its dynamics in increasing our faith...

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How to Grow in Faith - Part One:
Obedience & the Word of God

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Every person who commits their life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour will be challenged to grow in faith. Jesus challenged his disciples to stretch their understanding to see the impossible things they could do through and with Jesus Christ. There are three aspects of our life with God that enable us to stretch our faith and grow in wisdom and righteousness. They are: Obedience, the Word of God, and Seed Faith. Today we will look at Obedience and...

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The Temptations of Jesus - Part Three:
What God Risked For Us

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Jesus was led into the wildernessIn parts 1 and 2, we have looked at the three temptations presented to Jesus, by the devil in the wilderness. The first two temptations related to the gaining and use of power and challenged Jesus to prove the validity of His identity as the Son of God. The third pressed Jesus to yield his position of submission to the purpose and cause of Father God and worship the devil. The prize was luxury unbounded and all the glory that this world can offer. Jesus resisted the lure of all three temptations, submitted Himself again to the purpose and cause of Father God and rejected the devil and his wiles. All this stands as a sign to us to resist the devil's temptations in like manner and submit our lives afresh to love God and serve His purpose and cause.

As we noted in the first part, the story is familiar to us, yet holds different levels of understanding, some plain and straight forward, others more complex. We now focus on the more complex theological issue...

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